Fanaticraft Inc. Auction (Held by a secured party) - CLOSED - Auction Concluded Monday, October 29, 2012 7:00p.m. CST

Item Description
1.2003 Chevrolet Silverado, 4WD extended cab pick-up, Miles: 93,547, VIN 2GCEK19N931353995, Vortec 6000-8 Cyl engine, automatic transmission, AC, PB, PS, CD stereo, leather bucket seats, fiberglass box cover, NOTE: NO windshield cracks, Sprayed bed liner. Title has not been cleared by court system. The title will be available in 3 to 4 weeks. No money will change hands until new title has been issued. Multiple photos for this item.
2.Snap On, Mod #VA3825, Bead Blast cabinet, complete w/vac system, 38"x26"x68"H
3.Snap On, metric Allen socket set, 4-10 mm, 3/8" drive
4.Snap On, Torx socket set, 3/8"& 1/4" drive, T55-T8
5.Snap On, semi deep SAE socket set, 1/4" drive, 3/16"-9/16"
6.Three, Snap On assorted pliers
7.Snap On, ratchet #F936 & 6" & 3" extensions, 3/8" drive
8.Snap On, five standard sockets, 1/2"-3/4" & five universal sockets 1/2-3/4", 3/8" drive
9.Snap On, 11 pc deep socket set, 1/4"-7/8", 3/8" drive
10.Snap On #TX936, Flex Head ratchet and a universal socket, 1/4" drive
11.Blue Point #AT704, 3/8 drive air ratchet
12.Pulley puller set
13.Blue Point #AT500D, 1/2" impact wrench
14.Blue Point, 8 pc set open end Gear wrenches, 5/16"-3/4"
15.Blue Point #HP-200A, rivet kit
16.Snap On #EEWH306-1PH, rim clamp tire pneumatic tire changer
17.Six, assorted vise grip pliers
18.Snap On, 5 pc Flare Line wrench set, 3/8"-5/8"
19.Snap On wrenches, assorted sizes, 7/8"-11/16", 11/32" & 5/16"
20.Snap On #SSDMR4B, ratcheting screwdriver w/Viking logo
21.Snap On #SSDMR4B, ratcheting screwdriver
22.Snap On, 8 pc screwdriver set
23.Snap On, 3 pc carbon scraper set
24.Snap On, Philips screwdrivers, #4, 3 & 1
25.Focus Mod #F-44, electronic spin balance machine, 110 volts, 3.54 amps, complete w/adapters. Multiple photos for this item.
26.Snap On, 4 pc pry bar set, 24"-5"
27.Mac Tools #SCP-2, 2 pc automatic center punch set
28.Blur Point, air chisel w/quick release chuck & 5 assorted bits
29.Matco #RLT38, 3/8" reversible air drill
30.Two-Snap On body hammers & Matco body dolly
31.Blue Point #AT402, mini air grinder w/accessories
32.Blue Point #AT401, mini air grinder
33.Blue Point #AT156, 3" pneumatic cut-off tool
34.Two, fold-up bumper/fender stands
35.Companion, mini die grinder w/accessories
36.Blue Point #AT156, 3" pneumatic cut-off tool
37.Blue Point #AT460, pneumatic grinder
38.Snap On, pneumatic palm sander
39.National Detroit #900, "Mud Hog" sander
40.National Detroit #DAQ, pneumatic sander
41.Blue Point Mod #AT475A, Strait Line sander w/part box of paper
42.Snap On #VA700, 2.5 ton floor jack
43.Snap On, fluorescent trouble light, circuit tester & 2 blow guns
44.Assorted wrenches, drill bits & more
45.Fifteen, assorted sanding blocks
46.Finish Line #HVLP gravity feed paint gun
47.Siphon type paint gun
48.Ten, assorted pliers
49.Masking cart
50.Snap On Mod #CTS561, cordless screwdriver w/extra battery
51.Ravaglioli S.P.A. Mod #KP15B, hydraulic car lift, 4000 capacity, SN 0368, mfg. date 1994, caster mounted. Multiple photos for this item.
52.Craftsman, 1/2" & 3/8" ratchets & 3 adjustable wrenches
53.National Detroit Mod #9600, pneumatic sander
54.Blue Point Mod #AT155, pneumatic cut off tool
55.Blue Point Mod #AT403MC, reversible pistol grip pneumatic grinder
56.Two, Snap On 1/4" drive ratchets
57.Blue Point Mod #AT200C, 1/4" drive air ratchet
58.Blue Point, 8 pc reversible ratchet wrench set, 5/16"-3/4"
59.Snap On, die grinder w/carbide burr
60.Two-assorted body hammers & one-dolly
61.Snap On Mod #FAR72B, high torque 3/8" air ratchet
62.Six, assorted specialty tools
63.Wurth, angle die grinder
64.Wall cabinet w/contents, 14"x14"x30"H. Multiple photos for this item.
65.3M, wall cabinet w/contents, 33"x12"x30"H. Multiple photos for this item.
66.Wall mount Wurth electrical wire rack & shrink tube rack/dispenser
67.Blue Point Mod #MT574, multimeter
68.Snap On Mod #MT926, Analog multimeter
69.Central #6494, magnetic base angle finder
70.Shaping hammer & sand filled leather bag
71.Clipping tool kit
72.Snap On Mod #PD30, 1/2" pneumatic drill
73.Blue Point Mod #AT810, 3.8" pneumatic angle drill
74.Assorted drill bits, all sets are incomplete
75.Assorted sockets, primarily Craftsman
76.Assorted thread chasers & files
77.Assorted hand tools, tap & die set
78.Assorted specialty tools
79.Craftsman, four drawer top chest, 26"x12"x15"H
80.Mac Tools, ten drawer roll cabinet tool box, 27"x18"x43"H
81.Side cabinet, 15"x19"x37"H
82.Two, Sata Hulp gravity feed paint guns
83.Dayton Mod #429098, 8" bench grinder, 3/4 hp, 10.8 amps, 120 volts
84.Bench vise, 6"
85.CM #622, one ton chain hoist
86.Two, 5 gallon gas cans
87.Two, 5 gallon gas cans, (one w/2 gallons of gas)
88.Snap On, 1/4" drive SAE socket sets deep & semi-deep 3/16"-9/16" w/magnetic socket holder
89.Snap On, 1/4" drive metric sockets deep & standard 4-15 mm w/holder
90.Assorted hammers
91.Import body hammers & dollies
92.Five, vise grip C-clamp pliers, (3)#11R & (2)#18R
93.Two boxes of assorted parts
94.Matco, utility cart
95.Snap On Mod #MM250SL, wire feed welder, PRI. Voltage AC 208/230, PRI. Amperage 33/30, SEC. voltage DC(OCV) 42 max., duty cycle 200, 1 hour rating 60%, caster mounted w/Argon bottle
96.Impuse, automatic welding helmet & leather gloves
97.EDSAL, adjustable shelving unit, (3)uprights 38"x10'H, (12)load beams 8' long w/decking, NO Contents included
98.Adjustable shelving unit, (3)uprights 36"x10', (12)load beams 8' long w/decking
99.1962 Chev car seat
100.Snap On, long SAE combination 7 pc wrench set, 3/8" to 3/4"
101.Matco #SCS04, 4 pc scraper set
102.Crescent 24" adjustable wrench
103.MasterFix #MFX510S, threaded insert tool. Multiple photos for this item.
104.AutoShot #4500 "Uni-Spotter" stud gun, 120 volts
105.Snap On, 3 pc plier set
106.Three, assorted hammers
107.Nine, assorted pliers & bolt grip puller set
108.Snap On, rolling head pry bar & (4)assorted pliers
109.Snap On, 8 pc Torx wrench set, T10-T45
110.Snap On, Allen wrench set, 3/32"-1/4"
111.Four, assorted vise grip pliers
112.Assorted hand tools & sockets
113.Snap On Mod #PIT 120, impact driver w/4 assort bits, 3/8" drive
114.Wurth, 3 stacking bin sections of SAE fasteners, 34"x8.5"x22"H per bin section
115.Six, 4 drawer cabinets w/assorted fasteners
116.Nine drawer fasteners cabinet , filled w/assorted fasteners
117.Gray, pneumatic bumper jack
118.Mittler Bros., sheet metal crimping tool w/custom stand
119.Weller, soldering gun kit
120.Snap On #S6172, 13 mm door hinge wrench
121.Snap On, stubby SAE wrench set, 9/32"-3/4", MISSING 3/8"
122.Aluminum 6' step ladder
123.Furniture dolly
124.3M, Stikit disc roller dispenser
125.Snap On #SSDMR4A, ratcheting screwdriver
126.Fourteen, assorted Craftsman combination wrenches, 1" to 5/16"
127.Assorted Craftsman wrenches, SAE & metric
128.Snap On Mod #CTS561, cordless screwdriver w/extra battery & charger
129.Snap On, 3/8" drive ratchets & universal socket
130.Snap On Mod #MT2261, computerized Tach/advance timing light
131.MSRA, framed 2001 "Back to the fifties" poster, 31"x41"
132.MSRA, framed 2000 "Back to the fifties" poster, 31"x41"
133.Eight, stackable chairs, plastic seat & back
134.Multi-colored light bar w/ stands
135.Dale Klee, "Hillside Chevies", framed-matted, signed print, 848/950, 41.5"x29.5"
136.Werner #368, medium duty 8' aluminum step ladder
137.Sunbeam, small propane BBQ grill & table
138.Two, Honeywell 18" fans w/remotes
139.Assorted office supplies
140.Lucinda Lewis-Road Aide America, lighted "Rosie's Diner", 36"x24"
141.Air hose, 50'
142.Air hose, 50'
143.Air hose reel, approximately 100'
144.Snap On #CJ2001P, bolt-grip puller set
145.Log chain 15"x3/8", plastic tow strap, ratchet strap & small hyd jack
146.Eight, assorted Snap On screwdrivers
147.Assorted specialty tools
148.Assorted auto body specialty tools
149.Matco, locking 1/4" drive extensions
150.Craftsman, assorted 1/2" drive tools
151.Assorted 1/2" & 3/8" drive sockets & extensions, mostly Craftsman
152.Blue Point Mod #AT500, 1/2" drive impact wrench
153.Mac Tools Mod #AMT275A, pneumatic cutoff tool
154.Blur Point Mod #AT425D, pneumatic grinder
155.Snap On #WA92, coil spring compressor
156.Deep impact metric & SAE socket sets
157.Snap On, SAE deep & standard socket sets, 1/4"-7/8", MISSING 5/8" deep socket
158.Snap On Mod #PH50D, air hammer
159.Nine, assorted air hammer bits
160.Sunex, pneumatic punch & flange tool
161.Allan Air Inc., 5" pneumatic grinder
162.Blue Point Mod # AT192A, reciprocating air saw
163.Two, pneumatic die grinders
164.Assorted tools & accessories
165.National Detroit Mod #900, "Mud Hog" sander
166.Four-pneumatic sanders & 2-electric grinders, NOTE: Working condition unknown
167.Snap On, Wobble extensions, plug sockets & spinner, all 3/8" drive
168.Blackhawk Mod #65121, Porto Power set, NOTE: Believed to be 6 ton
169.Snap On, metal framed creeper
170.Snap On, metal framed creeper
171.Keysco, compression jack
172.Three, step stool
173.Neon "OPEN" light, combination flashing selections
174.Seeburg Mod #LS325, "Select-O-Matic" juke box, SN 224176, 120 volts, 2.4 amps, 40"x25.5"x54.5"H
175.Box of "45" records
176.Kenmore Mod #2539768091, refrigerator/freezer, 115 volts, 30"x29"x64"H. Multiple photos for this item.
177.Assorted owner's manuals & custom magazines
178.Chiltons Motor Age Wiring Diagrams, 1964-1968 passenger cars
179.Sony, Reel to Reel tape player w/many assorted reel-tapes. Multiple photos for this item.
180.World of Wheels plate, Firestone collectable & die cast cars
181.Shelf of assorted collectables
182.Three, shelves of Hot Rod & Street Rod magazines & more
183.Four, assorted car books
184.Four, assorted car books
185.Six, assorted car books
186.Six, assorted car & motorcycle books
187.Four, shelves of parts manuals & catalogs & more
188.Four, shelves of business, car paint manuals, Drag Racing magazines
189.Harley-Davidson, motorcycle phone & wall clock
190.Three-flat screen monitors, (2)Dell & (1)Kogii, three-assorted keyboards, cables & more
191.Three, Panasonic phone set, (2)KX-TS4200 & (1)KX-TG5433
192.Epson Artisan 835 copier, printer & scanner w/software
193.Sony #STR-DE325, FM stereo/FM-AM receiver
194.TEAC #W-450, stereo double reverse cassette deck
195.TEAC #PD-70, compact disc player
196.Shelves & box full of assorted CDs. Multiple photos for this item.
197.Cassette player & assorted cassettes
198.Brother #QL-500, PC label printer
199.Assorted VHS & DVDs
200.Credit card machine, calculator, speakers, surge protectors & more
201.Office Max, 12" paper cutter
202.Two file rack & one file folder
203.Co2 pellet pistol
204.Five drawer tool chest, 30"x19.5"x18"H w/key
205.Snap On #KRL-761, ten drawer roller tool cabinet, roller bearing drawers, full length top drawer, 54"x24"x39.5"H
206.Mac Tools, 5 drawer hang on side cabinet 20"x17"x28"H w/Wilton 4.5" vise & keys
207.Mac Tools, side cabinet, 15"x17"x28"H w/key. Multiple photos for this item.
208.Hang on side shelf, 15"x13"
209.Reception "L" shaped deck, Oak & laminate, two drawer laminate file cabinet, 7' 6"x7' 5"x42"H. Multiple photos for this item.
210.Laminate cabinet w/2 drawer filing cabinet, 77"x30"x30"H
211.Car graphic deck chair
212.Load leveler, hooks & chains
213.Contents of table, assorted paints & chemicals
214.Metal topped work bench, 7'x28.5"x32"H
215.Uni-Ram, Cascade #UG4000, air powered automatic spray gun cleaning system, 26"x14"x40"H
216.Assorted office supplies
217.Two, assorted coffee makers & coffee urn
218.Two door metal cabinet, 36"x18"x72"H. Multiple photos for this item.
219.Four, metal signs
220.Five, metal signs
221.Chefmate, microwave oven, 120 volts. Multiple photos for this item.
222.Blue Point #HP-200A, rivet gun kit
223.Snap On #MT308L, compression gauge set
224.Snap On #MT37A, oil pressure gauge set
225.Mac Tools #PT30M, radiator pressure tester
226.Hanson SAE tap & die set
227.Uni-Spotter slide hammer, goes w/lot #104
228.Dent Puller, body spoon & rivet guns
229.Assorted hand & specialty tools
230.Snap On #YA201, battery load tester
231.Two, torch cutting heads
232.Assorted hand & specialty tools
233.Dayton, cart mounted 24" fan
234.Dayton, cart mounted 24" fan
235.Two, folding bumper/fender stands
236.Two, folding bumper/fender stands
237.Military camo field jacket, size: small long
238.Wilson leather jacket, size: XL
239.American Classic leather jacket, size: Large
240.Scully leather sport jacket, size: 42
241.Three, hooded pull-over shirts/jacket, size: XL
242.Two, Torque wrenches, 1/2" & 3/8" drive, assorted Snap On & Mac screwdrivers
243.Leveling lifting sling, assorted wrenches
244.Seelye Inc. #SI-501, heat gun, min, temp 500 degree F, 120 volts, 14 amps
245.Z-Pro, telescoping fiberglass pole, max length 10'
246.Two-clip on lamps & 3-extension cords
247.Two, DeVilbiss, (1)Sata, (1)Accuspray spray guns w/assorted parts
248.Rubbermaid, commercial Brute plastic trash receptacle w/lid
249.Air hose, 50'
250.Dayton, pneumatic rivet gun
251.Prest-O-Lite, small torch set
252.Aluminum step stool, 12"H
253.Door holder
254.Kenmore 80 Series, washing machine, 120 volts
255.Kenmore 80 series, electric dryer, 240 volts
256.Two, fold-up bumper/fender stands
257.Sheet metal fabricating tool
258.Parts hanging stand, for painting
259.Oil catch, telescoping
260.Plastic shelving unit w/contents, oils & chemicals
261.R&D Industries Mod #55443, electric parts washer, 115 volts, NOTE: Barrel has solvent in it
262.Two-part 55 gallon drums of waste engine oil w/2 catch pans
263.Parts hanging stand, for painting
264.Sun Sleuth, one engine analyzer w/manual
265.Solar Mod #2-175, wire feed welder, PRI volts 208/230 volts, PRI amps 18/16, NOTE: Missing torch end & cable, working condition unknown
266.Snap On & National Detroit, palm sanders
267.Makita #2414B, 14" chop saw, 115 volts, 15 amps
268.Superwinch, 12 volt winch, 2500 lb. capacity
269.Kent Moore #350 center bearing facing tool
270.Two-furniture dollies & 2-engine cradles
271.Engine leveling bar
272.Dayton, wet/dry vac, 120 volts
273.Power on Board jump-start system, 12 volts, DC power
274.Portable air tank
275.Two, First aid kits
276.Assorted tire covers
277.Three, assorted plastic gas cans
278.Wheeling machine, NOTE: Unknown if complete
279.Larege, body knocker slide hammer w/assorted attachments
280.Distributers & carb parts
281.Goodyear, folding engine stand
282.Goodyear, folding engine stand
283.Power built engine stand, 1000 lb. capacity
284.Goodyear, folding shop crane(cherry picker) w/load leveling boom
285.Blue Point, set of (4) #GJ6000, Go Jack car dollies, 1500 lb. cap per dolly w/cart
286.Blue Point, set of (4) #GJ5000, Go Jack car dollies, 1250 lb. cap per dolly w/cart
287.Assorted air hoses & electrical cords
288.Black Stallion, leather welding jacket, size: XL
289.Bar height wood chair & stool
290.Blackhawk, pneumatic bumper jack, NOTE: Stuck in the up position
291.Assorted grinding & cutoff wheels
292.Custom car body cradle, spins car body, pneumatic tires appears to be complete. Multiple photos for this item.
293.Large car body cart, 51"x8'
294.Four, assorted car pictures
295.Four, assorted car pictures
296.Four, assorted car pictures
297.Four, assorted car pictures
298.Four, assorted car pictures
299.Three, assorted car & motorcycle pictures
300.Two, folders of assorted car pictures
301.ESAB Mod #PCM-500I, plasma cutter, 220 volts w/box of extra tips
302.Assorted polishing chemicals, bonnets & pads
303.Motivair Mod #FHTD100, HTD 5-in-1 air dryer, max. working temp 185 degree F, max working pressure 232 PSIG
304.Paint booth, unit is disassembled, unable to determine size, NOTE: 2 utility cars NOT included. Multiple photos for this item.
305.Masking cart
306.Solid Oak desk w/glass top, 41.5"x31.5"x28"H
307.Wood desk, 42"x30"x29"H
308.Wood book shelf, 36"x12"x36"H w/contents
309.One pair of Acoustic Professional Mod #312, Digita three-way loudspeaker, 10-300 watts, 8 OHMS, 90 DB/IW/IM, large magnetic structure, optimized compression horn & multiple input options, 16"x14"x27.5"H per speaker
310.Castair 7.5 hp compressor, 120 gal horizontal tank, 208/230/450 volts, 23.5/21.2/10.6 amps, 3 ph, NOTE: There will not be any forklifts on sight, ***Buyer IS responsible safely moving this air compressor***
311.Steel table, 48"x24"x42"H, NOTE: Cameras NOT included
312.Steel table w/assorted iron & copper wire, 72"x33"x42"H
313.Car body lifting sling
314.Custom sheet metal break, 7' long break
315.One pair Goodyear 6 ton jack stands
316.One pair Goodyear 6 ton jack stands
317.One pair Big Red 6 ton jack stands
318.One pair jack stands, 6 ton
319.One pair 5 ton jack stands
320.One pair 5 ton jack stands
322.H.D. steel table, 53.5"x33"x44"H
323.Welded framed sign "Classic Car Sale", 8'x74"H
324.Paint manuals from the 70's w/stand
325.Craftsman, roller tool cabinet w/Raytech Tumble-Vise parts tumbler, 115 volts
326.Welded shelving unit & 3 shelves of old & used car parts, NOTE: Pallet rack NOT included. Multiple photos for this item.
327.Rear-end gear assembly, unknown what make & model
328.Three, boxes of assorted racing parts & accessories
329.Four, Cadillac Alloy rimmed tires, Bridgestone P225/60ZR16
330.Five, assorted rimmed tires
331.Boxes & shelves of automotive paints & chemicals
332.Light duty pallet racking, (3)uprights 36"x10'H, (12)load beams 8' long w/decking, NOTE: NO contents
333.Louisville Mod #FE5224, fiberglass 24' extension ladder
334.Plastic shelving unit w/contents, assorted automotive chemicals
335.Five, assorted shelves
336.Mop bucket & mop
337.Garden hose, approx. 100'
338.Assorted push brooms & wash brushes
339.Acetylene torch set, brazing & cutting tips
340.Four, car stands & 2 swivel pads
341.Two, Hunter air jacks, 2 swivel pads & 4 tire chocks
342.Fireman's pole, 10' 6"
343.Wood cabinet, caster mounted, 48"x14"x48"H w/contents & assorted parts. Multiple photos for this item.
344.Caster mounted metal cabinet, 45"x22"x34"H
345.1995 Saturn, VIN 1G8ZK5274SZ138139, indicated miles 189,169, 1.9 liter engine, cloth bucket seats, DC stereo, AT, AC, 4 door, NO windshield cracks noted. Title has not been cleared by court system. The title will be available in 3 to 4 weeks. No money will change hands until new title has been issued. Multiple photos for this item.
346.1938 Ford Coup, bumper & trim are in the car, AS IS, NO title. Multiple photos for this item.
347.Table of exhaust manifolds, exhaust pipe & scrap iron
348.Parts drawer, assorted lights, jumper cables, battery charger & more
349.Five, cloth car covers
350.One pair, Luverne Nurf Bars
351.Modified utility cart
352.Extension cord, 10 AWG 3/C, 600 V, approx. 50' long
353.Assorted car & seat covers
354.Assorted dish & kitchenware
355.Crossman Mod #782 Black Diamond CO2 BB/pallet air riffle
356.Fifteen, assorted DVDs
357.Twenty three, assorted DVDs
358.Fifteen, DVDs, Superman & James Bond Series
359.Twenty one, assorted DVDs
360.Twenty Eight, assorted DVDs
361.Fifty, assorted VHS movies
362.Remote control car, models, Sony clock/radio & more
363.Assorted bike apparel
364.Approx. 80 assorted CDs
365.Marvel DC comic book & more
366.Large assortment of Match Box cars & other toys
367.Assorted knives, coins, watches & compasses
368.Star Wars toys & memorabilia
369.Assorted games & toys
370.Metal signs, NHRA pictures, knick-knacks
371.Camo apparel & folding stool, antler & gun cleaning rod
372.Tec H2O, Guide Series camo/insulated boots, size 10 1/2
373.Gander Mountain #17024, 2-ply rubber chest wader, size 10
374.Simpson Mod #BANDIT FR, racing helmet, size X-large
375.Compound box w/Camo case
376.PSE, F-4 MAXIS compound bow, seven arrows, assorted box accessories w/hard case
377.Insulated overall, medium/regular, 2 Viking jerseys & one sweatshirt
378.Airwalk, snowboard boots, size men's 12/women's 13.5
379.Two, garden sprayers
380.Gloves & assorted balls
381.Weights & dumbbells
382.Punching bag, gloves & jump rope
383.Two, suitcases
384.Fox Surly bicycle
385.Two golf bags w/assorted clubs
386.Hardwood kitchen table w/4 chairs
387.The AB Lounge
388.Twelve, metal framed stackable chairs, plastic seats
389.Bose #VCS-10, Center Channel Speaker, black
390.Sony #SA-WM500, Active Subwoofer
391.Sony #CDP-CE375, compact disc player, 5 CD changer
392.Sony #STR-DG500, 6.1 Channel AV receiver
393.Head set & assorted speakers
394.Beveled framed mirror, 20"x24"
395.Six, assorted waste baskets & one bucket
396.Vintage table(sides fold down) & chairs, NOTE: Needs work
397.Over sized pillows, quilts, afghans, rugs & more
398.Couch sections, forms "L" shape one section converts to sleeper, chair & ottoman(has storage). Multiple photos for this item.
399.Six, assorted Corvette books
400.Assorted books & (3)Sports Illustrated
401.Bunk bed set