Famous Dave's Collectible and Decor Auction - CLOSED - Auction Concluded Monday, July 9, 2018 6:30 p.m. CST

Item Description
600.Wood miniature canoe, 60" long. Multiple photos for this item.
601."Miller Lite" neon sign, 24"x17"H
602."Blue Moon" neon sign, 19"x18"H
603."Stroh's" neon sign, 25"x15"H
604."Miller Lite" neon sign, 25"x18"H
605.Porcelain coffee pot
606.Porcelain coffee pot
607.Vintage wood w/brass valve
608.Framed Coca-Coal poster, 20.5"x32.5", repro
609.Metal "Excelsior" sign, 23.5"x13.5"
610.Metal conservation sign, 10"x11"
611."Ribalicious" neon sign, 42"x9"
612."Restrooms" neon sign, 43"x9"
613."Liberty" board sign, 12.5"x22", repro
614.Wood shelf, 24"x7.5"
615."Coors Light" neon sign, 44"x15"H
616.Neon flame light, 53"x12"
617.Neon flame light, 53"x12"
618."Ice Cold Beverage" wood sign, 94"x26"
619.Metal minnow bucket
620."Lighthouse Washing Powder" paper boar sign, 11"x18"H
621.Assorted coolers
622.Assorted decoration
623.Assorted decoration
624.Metal Dubuque Brewing Company sign, 22.5"x18"
625.Assorted lake décor
626.Schmidt plastic sign, 22"x16"H
627.Two, cloth bunting American flags, 5'x3'
628.Porcelain coffee pot
629.Home of the "Big Slab" sign, 35.5"x17"H
630.Assorted decoration
631.Coca-Cola framed poster, 16"x20"
632.Two, automotive framed artwork, repro
633.Bear framed artwork, 22"x18"
634.Carved wooden bear, 15"H
635.Assorted picnic décor
636.Large replica of a duck call
637.Assorted decoration
638.BBQ set & handmade marshmallow forks
639."Cold Beer" sign board, 12"x85"H
640.Coca-Cola "Picnic Partners" framed repro, 19"x29"
642.Picnic basket
643.Assorted décor
644.Metal fish, 36" long
645.Two, landing net
646."Knickerbocker" New York's famous beer décor, 24" diameter
647.Assorted picnic décor
648.Trip-nic vintage cooler
649."Swine Dining Area" sign board, 96"x12"
650.Wood wall shelf, 24"x9"
651.Vintage Coleman lantern
652.Two, metal flying pigs
653.Assorted grilling décor
654.Three, board signs, 36"x10"
655."Crescent Beverages" metal sign, 19.5"x13.5"
656."Special Export" plastic wall sign, 22"x16"
657."Used Boats & Motors" wood sign, 21"x36"
658.Wall shelf w/assorted collectables, 30" long
659.Two, life jackets & one cushion
660.Four, assorted framed artwork
661.Three, assorted framed fishing artwork
662.Framed lake survey map, Round Lake, Sawyer County, Wisconsin, 21"x25"
663.Four, assorted framed artwork
664.Framed "Senate Beer" poster, 32"x15", repro
665.Three, assorted framed artwork
666.Four, assorted framed artwork
667.Five, assorted framed artwork
668.Wood wall shelf w/assorted collectables, 36"x9"
669. "7up" sign board, 13"x45", repro
670.Wood mug of beer sign, 22"x30"
671."Dave's Garage" sign board, 16'x21"
672.Plastic "Coca-Cola" sign, 36"x19"
673."Dave's Bait & Tackle" sign, 92"x30"
674.Assorted décor
675.Wood shelf w/assorted collectables, 72" long
676."Fly Away Lodge" wood sign, 70"x17"H
677."Famous Dave's/Pepsi" sign board, 54"x18", repro
678.Wood tray, 20.5"x11"x14"H
679.Two, oars 66"H
680.Framed "Budweiser" poster, 20"x26", repro
681.Wood "Keeper Walleye" sign, 21"x19", repro
682.Framed "DeKalb Chix III" poster, 20"x26", repro
683.Framed "DeKalb Chix 104" poster, 20"x26", repro
684."Haas Beer" framed poster, 28"x16"
685.Framed "Hamm's Beer" poster, 32"x17"
686.Three, assorted framed postcards, 32"x14"
687.Three, assorted framed old pictures, repro
688.Framed picture, 40"x28"
689.Four, assorted framed artwork
690.Four, assorted framed artwork
691.Card of assorted spinning lures
692."Ice Cold" beer merchandiser
693.Four, assorted framed artwork
694.Wood wall shelf, 24"x9"x14"H
695.Assorted décor
696.Mobiloil, metal sign, 30"x17", repro
697.Two, assorted wood signs
698.Wood wall shelf, 48"x11"
699.South Bend Bait Company, advertising board, 38"x34", repro
700.Assorted musical instruments
701.Large porcelain coffee pot
702.Blues & BBQ, 3D wall décor, 60"x37"
703.Dual side "Charcoal" sign, 19"x14", repro
704.Four, assorted signs
705.Two, assorted framed artwork
706.Three, assorted framed artwork
707.Framed picture, 20"x24"
708."Our Bait" sign board, 18"x24"
709.Two, framed artwork
710.Three, framed artwork
711.Porcelain coffee pot
712."Dave's Bait & Tackle" sign, 85"x31"
713."Dave's Bar-B-Que" sign, 10'x25"
714."Dave's Bar-B-Que" sign, 13'x30"
715."Greetings From Famous Dave's", 73"x46"
716."Greetings From Famous Dave's", 76"x52"
717."Greetings From Famous Dave's", 72"x52"
718."Heavenly Bar-B-Que" sign, 8'x60"
719."Dave's Bar-B-Que Joint" wood sign, 10'x24"
720."Barbecue" wood sign, 54"x27"
721."Hog Heaven" wood sign, 58"x34"
722.Wall cabinet, 21"x5"x33"H. Multiple photos for this item.
723.Three, assorted rod & reels
724.Assorted décor
725.Framed old picture, 21"x28"
726.Fishing rod & reel rack w/vintage rod & reels
727.Framed "Champion Spark Plugs" poster, 16"x29"
728.Coca-Cola, "Picnic Partner" framed poster, 19"x29"
729.Framed "Purina" poster, 16"x24"
730.Framed "53 Chevrolet" poster, 21"x14"
731.Framed "Blue Label Beer" poster, 19"x13"
732.Four, assorted framed artwork
734.Four, assorted framed artwork
735.Four, assorted framed artwork
736.Four, assorted framed artwork
737."Demolition Derby" framed poster, 17"x24"
738."Pepsi/Famous Dave's" sign, 54"x19", repro
739."Dave's Bar-B-Que Journey" signs, 48"x10" each
740.Framed fishing picture, 26"x19"
741.Two, assorted framed artwork
742.Three, assorted framed old pictures
743.Four, assorted framed old pictures
744."Heavenly B-B-Q" sign board, 44"x34"
745.Metal "7up" sign, 45"x52"
746.Assorted décor
747.Miller sign board, 24"x48"
748.Miller sign board, 24"x48"
749.Assorted décor
750.Dave's Bar-B-Que merchandising car door
751."National Brewery Co.," framed poster, 43"x33", repro
752."Walter B. Duffy Distiller" framed poster, 30"x43"
753.Five, assorted framed artwork
754.Five, assorted framed artwork
755."Dave's Marina" wood sign, 10'1"x31"
756.Dave's BBQ & Blues" wood sign, 10'x26"
757."Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce" wood sign, 42"x95"
758."Famous Dave's Burgers" sign board, 79"x30"
759.Wood & acrylic sign, 36"x36"
760.Wood & acrylic sign, 36"x36"
761.Wood & acrylic sign, 36"x36"
762.Minnow trap w/wood décor
763.Framed fish print, 25"x15"
764.Two, assorted framed artwork
765.Wood wall shelf w/assorted décor, 30" long
766.Four, assorted framed artwork
767.Four, assorted framed artwork
768.Four, assorted framed artwork
769.Four, assorted framed artwork
770.Four, assorted framed artwork
771.Four, assorted framed artwork
772.Two, assorted framed artwork
773.Assorted décor
774.Assorted décor
775.Assorted décor
776.Assorted décor
777."Lazy Dave's" sign, 48"x30"
778.Fishing cabinet, 26"x8"x35"H
779.Fishing cabinet, 26"x8"x35"H
780."Trader Dave's" sign, 58"x25"
781."Restrooms" sign board, 46"x11"
782."World's Greatest Ribs", sign board, 22"x31"
783."Worst Table In The Joint", 36"x36"
784.Wood shelf w/assorted décor
785.Brass lantern
786.Nautical brass lantern
787.Four, assorted framed artwork
788.Four, assorted framed artwork
789.Four, assorted framed artwork
790.Four, assorted framed artwork
791.Four, assorted framed artwork
792.Four, assorted framed artwork
793.Two, famous Dave's BBQ sauce signs
794.Two, famous Dave's BBQ sauce signs
795."Slo' Smoked Bar-B-Que" wood sign, 36"x20"
796."Private Drive" metal sign
797.Assorted décor
798.Wood sailing ship, 23"x25"
799.Two, assorted kettles
800.Three, porcelain coffee pot
801.Glass door cabinet w/fishing display, 26"x36"H
802.Five, assorted metal beer trays
803.Pine board cabinet, 36"x17"x73"H
804.Pine board book case, 36"x12"x71"H
805.Three, assorted pig faces
806.Old barn wood wall shelf, 54"x11"
807.Wood wall shelf w/hunting related décor, 32"x7"x34"H
808.Framed, Wholesale Hardware, 1913 calendar, 26"x32"
809.Wood wall shelf w/picnic décor, 23"x7"x31"H
810.Four, assorted framed artwork
811.Four, assorted framed artwork
812.Four, assorted framed artwork
813.Four, assorted framed artwork
814.Four, assorted framed artwork
815.Four, assorted framed artwork
816.Five, assorted framed artwork
817.Pabst Blue Ribbon plaque, 11"x24"
818."Triple Cola" framed poster, 24"x16"
819."Maas & Steffen Inc." framed poster, 22"x30"
820.Framed artwork, 29"x23"
821.Framed artwork, 27"x40"
822."Farmers Union" sign board, 46"x29"
823."Robert Burns" framed poster, 18"x24"
824.Two, assorted Dave's signs
825.Plastic "Pabst Blue Ribbon" sign
826."Good Food" metal sign, 59"x27", repro
827.Wood shelf w/assorted décor
828.Wood shelf w/assorted décor
829."Gas Restroom" sign, 56"H
830."World's Greatest Ribs", sign board, 30"x47"
831."World's Greatest Ribs", sign board, 30"x47"
832."Recipe Vault" sign board, 32"x48"
833.Two, "It's Bar-B-Que Time" sign board, assorted sizes
834."Dave's Bait & Tackle" sign, 73"x25"
835.Burlington Northern print, 21"x17"
836.Hamm's Beer American Bear collection, 1992 Black Bear, 15"x24"
837.Hamm's Beer American Bear collection, 1993 Brown Bear, 15"x24"
838.Hamm's Beer American Bear collection, 1993 Grizzly Bear, 15"x24"
839.Ken Brauner "Tools Of The Trade" signed, framed-matted print #254/1500, 28"x22", NOTE: Has some water damage
840.Drift wood w/assorted lures for décor, 34" long
841.Vintage blow torch
842.One pair of oars, 92" long
843.Assorted décor
844.Assorted décor
845.Assorted décor
846."Robert Burns" framed poster, 18"x24"
847.Three, assorted wooden bobbers
848.Metal fire fighter sign, 12"x17"
849."Make No Wake" sign board, 9"x10", repro