Robbinsdale OES State Fair Dinning Hall Auction - CLOSED - Auction Concluded Thursday, March 22, 2018 7:00 p.m. CST

Item Description
1.Frymaster, Mod #GF14ST, deep fryer, SN 8906GM0102, natural gas. Multiple photos for this item
2.Vulcan, ten burner range, two full size ovens, natural gas, caster mounted, complete w/griddle top that fits over range burners, 60'x30"x35"H, 58" overall height, NOTE: No loading dock or forklift. ***Bring HELP***. Multiple photos for this item
3.Stainless steel 3 tier utility cart
4.Stainless steel worktable, 48"x30"x35"H
5.Stainless steel worktable w/hand wash sink, 69"x28"x36"H w/6" back splash
6.Adjustable shelving unit, 59"x18"x76"H
7.Sysco, H.D. aluminum foil food wrap, 18"x1000', NOTE: Never opened
8.Stainless steel worktable, 2 utility drawers & Edlund can opener
9.Stainless steel worktable, 48"x30"x35"H, No contents
10.Vulcan, Mod #EF-3, deep fryer, NSF, SN 48-1454869, natural gas, 90,000 BTU. Multiple photos for this item
11.Stainless steel topped shelving unit, 36"x14.5"x37"H
12.Eagle, stainless steel worktable, NSF, 2 utility drawers, 72"x30"x35"H
13.Hobart, Mod #QF1, single split door freezer, NSF, SN 32-541-183, caster mounted, 120 volts, 12.0 amps, 27.5"x33.5"x80"H. Multiple photos for this item
14.Amerex, restaurant fire extinguisher
15.Stainless steel exhaust hood w/Ansul System, 8'x36"x25"H, NOTE: Buyer IS Responsible for SAFE removal. Multiple photos for this item
16.Welded aluminum sheet pan cart, NSF-2, 70"H
17.Victory, 3 door commercial refrigerator, caster mounted, 86"x34.5"x84"H, 115 volts. Multiple photos for this item
18.Superior, two door commercial refrigerator, 115 volts, 52"x32"x86"H. Multiple photos for this item
19.Stainless steel worktable, 30"x24"x35.5"H
20.True, Mod #TSSU-48-12, two door refrigerated prep table, NSF, SN 7434821, caster mounted, 115 volts, 8.6 amps, 48"x30"x36"H, 43" overall height. Multiple photos for this item
21.Adjustable shelving unit, 60"x18"x73"H
22.Three tier wire stand, 30"x12"x15"H
23.Plywood cabinet w/stainless steel top, 60"x30"x36"H
24.Twenty eight, full size aluminum sheet pans
25.Eagle, stainless steel worktable, NSF, 36"x24"x35"H
26.Lakeside, 3 tier stainless steel utility cart
27.Lockwood, enclosed sheet pan transport cabinet, NSF, 66"H
28.Folding 2 step ladder
29.Plastic shelving unit, 36"x24"x62"H
30.Wire sheet pan cart, 75"H, NOTE: Has some surface rust
31.Stainless steel 3 compartment sink, NSF, 16"x20"x12"dp bowls, dual side 16" drain boards, 91"x26"x34"H w/5" back splash
32.Adjustable shelving unit, 60"x18"x75"H
33.Adjustable shelving unit, 60"x12"x75"H
34.True, Mod #T-32, single door commercial refrigerator, NSF, SN 1432097, caster mounted, 115 volts, 7.5 amps, 27"x29.5"x83"H. Multiple photos for this item
35.Adjustable shelving unit, 36"x12"x63"H
36.Stainless steel corner dirty dish table, Kenmore, 208 volts garbage disposal, spray handle, 86"x57"x37"H w/22" back splash
37.H.D. adjustable shelving unit, 76"x24"x72"H, No contents
38.Superior, single door commercial freezer, 115 volts, 26"x33"x85.5"H. Multiple photos for this item
39.Alto-Shaam, Mod #1000-THI, double stack cook & hold cabinet, NSF, caster mounted, SN 5462-16-792, 208-240 volts, 5000 watts, 1 ph, 22"x30"x76.5"H. Multiple photos for this item
40.Hatco, Mod #T2-300, conveyor toaster, 208 volts, 8.4 amps, 1745 watts
41.Stainless steel table shelf, 78"x23"
42.Stainless steel table shelf, 78"x25"
43.Silver King, Mod #SKTTR7, single door under counter refrigerator, NSF, SN SHB04085M, 115 volts, 3.50 amps, 27"x26"x34"H. Multiple photos for this item
44.Two lamp food warmer, 120 volts, 500 watts
45.Star Mfg., 3 burner griddle, natural gas, 36"x28"x13.5"H
46.Star Mfg., 3 burner griddle, natural gas, 36"x28"x13.5"H
47.Stainless steel exhaust hood w/Ansul System, 83.5"x37"x25"H, NOTE: Buyer IS Responsible for SAFE removal
48.Seco Matic, dual buffet fixture, right side refrigerated insert w/glass over shelves, 115 volts, left side 3 compartment food warmer, 208 volts, 3000 watts, 1 ph, 10'x34"x37"H, 55" overall height. Multiple photos for this item
49.Two step folding ladder
50.Three, assorted tubs w/lids
51.Pine plank, 2"thick(x)12"dp(x)19'7" long, used for tray shelf/rail,
52.Four, Lifetime plastic banquet tables, 8'x30"x29"H
53.Four, Lifetime plastic banquet tables, 8'x30"x29"H
54.Assorted trash bags
55.Three boxes, wrapped plastic spoons, forks & knives
56.Tote of plastic wrapped spoons
57.Two, plastic high chairs
58.H.D. aluminum roasting pan, 20"x16"x4.5"H
59.Belshaw, type K depositor, NSF
60.H.D. roasting pan w/lid, 20"x16'x9.5"H
61.Stainless steel stock pot, 13"diam(x)13"H
62.Aluminum stock pot w/lid, 13"diam(x)13"H
63.Aluminum stock pot, 13"diam(x)13"H
64.H.D. aluminum stock pot, 12"diam(x)8"H
65.Stainless steel stock pot w/lid, 13"diam(x)11"
66.Stainless steel stock pot w/lid, 10"diam(x)12.5"H
67.H.D. aluminum colander, 15" diameter
68.Two, aluminum sauce pans w/lids
69.Three, stainless steel mixing bowls, assorted size
70.H.D. aluminum roasting pan, 21"x17"x7"H
71.Three, stainless steel mixing bowls, assorted size
72.Colander & strainer
73.Three, 14" aluminum frying pans
74.Three, 14" aluminum frying pans
75.Three, 14" aluminum frying pans
76.Fifteen, stainless steel pans, 12.75"x12.75", (13)4" & (2)2.5" deep
77.Two, stainless steel half size pans, (1)6"dp & (1)perforated 4" dp w/2 lids
78.Three, measuring pitchers & one strainer
79.Seven, stainless steel full size pans, 2.5"dp, (2)perforated
80.Ten, stainless steel full size pans, 4"dp w/4 lids
81.APW, Mod #CW-2A, full size food warmer, NSF-4, 120 volts, 1500 watts
82.Stainless steel topped wood framed table, 52"x21"x30"H
83.Thirteen, stainless steel half size pans, 4"dp w/5 lids
84.Thirteen, stainless steel half size pans, 4"dp w/6 lids
85.Seven, assorted stainless steel half size pans
86.Fifteen, stainless steel third size pans, 6"dp w/8 lids
87.Four, stainless steel third size pans, 2" & 4"dp w/4 lids
88.Eight, stainless steel quarter size pans, (4)6", (2)4" & (2)2.5"dp w/4 lids
89.Thirteen, stainless steel sixth size pans, (12)6" & (1)2.5"dp w/7 lids
90.Waring, commercial mixer, NSF, 120 volts
91.Four, stainless steel insert pans w/4 lids
92.Five, stainless steel insert pans w/5 lids
93.Five, stainless steel insert pans w/5 lids
94.Pie marker
95.Four, assorted whips
96.Seven, assorted spoodles
97.Ten, assorted serving/basting spoons
98.Thirteen, assorted ladles
99.Sixteen, assorted scoops
100.Two, steak plates
101.Assorted knives
102.Seven, Cambro 22 qt. containers w/lids(not pictured)
103.Six, flatware organizers
104.Large amount of assorted tongs
105.Assorted kitchenware
106.Assorted turners
107.Three boxes of wrapped plastic straws
108.Assorted sugar packs & grape jelly
109.Assorted Cambro containers w/lids
110.Large amount of assorted serving trays
111.Thermometers, cleaning supplies & more
112.Forty three, stackable chairs
113.Forty three, stackable chairs
114.Forty four, stackable chairs
115.Three, Rubbermaid 50 gallon totes
116.Four, 21 gallon Tough Boxes
117.Four, 21 gallon Tough Boxes
118.Aluminum extension ladder, 20' long
119.Assorted stainless steel insert pans & lids
120.Pans, hot pads, flatware cylinders & more
121.First Aid kits, tooth picks w/dispensers & High Density Bun Pan bags
122.Sysco #4720579, scale, NSF, 30 oz.(x)1/4 oz.
123.Cambro, condiment holder, electric knife & assorted knife sharpeners
124.Fifteen, Torx napkin dispensers
125.Assorted paper food trays
126.Three, part containers of spices, garlic, ground black pepper & paprika
127.Sterling & Noble, battery powered clock
128.Large amount of shakers, new & used
129.Half size foil pans & sandwich wrap
130.Assorted condiment pumps
131.Assorted tubs & containers
132.Imperial, clear plastic cups, 16 oz.
133.Wood picnic table, 70"long, (2)benches & one umbrella
134.Four, 21 gallon Tough Boxes
135.Two, Cambro full size pans, 4"dp w/2 lids
136.Bag of plastic quirt bottles
137.Hot drink cups & lids
138.One case of Solo #LX2SBR hot drink lids
139.Foam soup cups & lids, sauce cups & lids
140.Eight, assorted water pitchers
141.Plastic plates, cup & baskets
142.Assorted Cambro pans & lids
143.Stainless steel table, 72"x30"x34"H
144.Foam clam boxes
145.Assorted cleaning chemicals
146.Twelve boxes, Sysco gloves, size MEDIUM
147.Five boxes, Sysco gloves, size LARGE
148.Eleven boxes, Sysco gloves, size X-LARGE
149.One bag, Homestead Mills "Malt Shoppe" pancake mix, 35 lbs., NEW/Unopened
150.Three, Lifetime plastic banquet tables, 8'x30"29"H
151.Assorted wire risers
152.Dart #X20N, part case 20 oz. insulated cups
153.Large amount of assorted nylon cutting boards
154.Seven, Cambro third size pans, 6" deep
155.Nineteen, assorted sixth size pans
156.Stainless steel tub, 23"x10"x5"dp & measuring cups
157.Four, bar height chairs, metal frame, cloth seat & back
158.Eleven, Sysco grill blocks
159.Fryer & grill cleaner
160.Rubbermaid "Brute", 44 gallon plastic trash can w/dolly
161.Two, wet floor signs
162.Keystone, fryer cleaner
163.Two wheel truck
164.Plywood folding sign, 28"x45"H
165.Four wheel dolly/cart
166.Hose & reel
167.Aluminum 5' step ladder
168.Two, Rubbermaid "Brute", 44 gallon plastic trash cans
169.Two, Rubbermaid "Brute", 44 gallon plastic trash cans
170."Order Here" sign, 30"x13"
171.Earthwise #PW15003, power washer, 120 volts
172.Snap-On, 2000 PSI power washer, 120 volts
173.Tool kit
174.Cordless driver & assorted tools
175.Stainless steel tub, sewer snake, umbrella & more
176.Mastercraft, 9 drawer tool cabinet, roller-bearing drawer slides, caster mounted, complete w/contents, 27"x18"x41"H. Multiple photos for this item
177.Three, large totes
178.Earthwise, 1850 PSI pressure washer, 120 volts
179.Rubbermaid, mop bucket
180.APW, Mod #RTR-4, refrigerated condiment fixture, NSF-7, 120 volts, 3.0 amps, 15"x26"x10.5"H
181.Stainless steel table, used for pop dispenser, 60"x30"x38"H
182.Plastic worktop cabinet, caster mounted, 32"x20"x35"H w/contents. Multiple photos for this item
183.Tote w/metal buckets (needs cleaning)
184.Assorted cleaning supplies
185.Two, wood benches, 8'x17"
186.Large pile of rubber anti-fatigue mats
187.Foil & plastic food wrap
188.Three fans
189.Assorted hardware & buckets
190.Totes & large waste baskets
191.Four, Lifetime plastic banquet tables, 8'x30"x29"H
192.Assorted brooms, dustpans & more
193.Tote of assorted clean aprons
194.Three, assorted stools
195.Three, dishwasher racks
196.Five, assorted extension cords
197.Assorted hoses, pumps & more
198.Three, 21 gallon Tough Boxes
199.Two tier utility cart
200.Printer papers