Famous Dave's Collectables Auction - CLOSED - Auction Concluded Monday, September 21, 2015 7:00 P.M. CST

Item Description
1.Old Milwaukee Beer On Tap sign, double sided, 44" diameter. Multiple photos for this item.
2.Metal Chesterfield embossed sign, 23.5"x29.5"
3.Scott-Atwater Outboard Motors, metal sign, 36"x24"
4.7-UP, bottle sign, 13"x44.5", repro
5.Metal "Co-Op" sign, 24"x10"
6.Framed "Stan The Bar-B-Q man" poster, 17"x22.5"
7."Great-Q-Just Ahead" sign, 5'x12"
8."Hastings Sporting Goods Company" sign, 37"x9"
9.Metal "Standard's Quality Premixes" sign, 22"x11.5"
10.Metal "New Holland Farm Machinery" sing, 30"x18"
11.Two, Schmidt beer pitchers & 2 glasses
12.Fredrick Remington "Rattlesnake" bronze figurine, 13"H
13.All brass cut glass lamp, 22"H
14."World's Greatest Ribs" blue ribbon sign, 22"x31"H
15."World's Greatest Ribs" blue ribbon sign, 22"x31"H
16.Flame sign, 37"x30"H
17.Flame sign, 37"x30"H
18.Vintage milk box
19.Lunch box & thermos
20.Gambles Farmcrest, one gallon metal can
21.Woodman, bee smoker. Multiple photos for this item.
22.Cyclone, seed sower
23.Two, metal beer trays, Encore & Schlitz
24.Old barn wood corner shelf
25.Black Flag fly sprayer, water sprinkler and hand trimmer
26.Napa, metal parts cabinet w/contents, 13"x5"x15"H. Multiple photos for this item.
27.Three, assorted fly sprayers
28.Four, assorted hub caps
29.Radiator filling can
30.Two, wood signs "Texas Beef Brisket" & "Georgia Pork", assorted sizes
31.Framed "Good Year" advertisement, 23"x16"
32.Watermelon lady wood cut-out, 62"x35"
33.Three, assorted gas station wood signs, 52"x6" each
34.Nichol Kola, metal sign, 12"x36"
35.Assorted dairy collectables
36.Four, assorted vintage milk bottles
37.Four, assorted vintage milk bottles
38.Seven, assorted rod & reels
39.Milton gas station bell
40.Eleven, assorted soft drink bottles
41.Washtub light fixture, 22"x12"x10"H
42.Coca Cola "Sign Of Good Taste" metal sign, 26.5" diameter
43.Assorted Coca Cola collectables
44.Coca Cola musical figurine
45.Two, Petrehi's Coca Cola collectables price guide
46.Assorted Coca Cola collectables
47.Assorted Coca Cola collectables
48.Framed "outhouse" pictures, 24"x12"
49.Framed "outhouse" pictures, 11"x28"
50.Sixteen, assorted Titleist, golf clubs & bag
51.Nichol, embossed metal sign, 14"x14.5"
52.De Laval Milker, metal sign, 15"x15"
53."Pabst Blue Ribbon" metal sign, 22"x9"
54."Heineken's Imported Holland Beer", embossed metal sign, 14"x11"
55."Northern Beer", embossed metal sign, 13"x6"
56."Vesta Battery Service" sign, 17"x8"
57."STP" dual face metal sign, 15.5"x11"
58.Two, metal beer trays
59.Coca Cola & Grain Belt, metal trays
60.Four, assorted oil cans
61.Wood wine box & "Neighborhood News" wood sign, 15"x3'
62.Metal parking sign, 18"x12"
63.Three, assorted German beer mugs/steins
64.Three, assorted German beer mugs/steins
65.Three, assorted German beer mugs/steins
66.Four, assorted German beer mugs/steins
67.Royal Crownford Inonstone England, Anheuser-Busch & Tuborg beer mugs
68.Vintage metal tackle box & ceramic fisherman bottle, 12"H
69.Collapsible landing net, 58" long
70.Collapsible landing net, 58" long
71.Ten, assorted rods
72.Ten, assorted rods, (4)w/reels
73.Pine wall cabinet w/contents, 21.5"x9"x33"H
74.Gaff hook, 49" long
75.Two, vintage camping stools
76.Metal flying pig, 31"x35"
77.Kant hook
78.Four, assorted porcelain coffee pots
79.Two, assorted landing nets
80.Diamond Dave's guitar
81.Four, assorted porcelain coffee pots
82.Hamm's metal beer tray
83.Metal watering can
84.Two signs, "Laundry & "Swat That Fly", both repros
85.Metal minnow bucket
86.Wood fishing plug, 18" long & "Fisherwomen Welcome" wood sign, 25"x3"
87.Two, wood canoe paddles, 48" long
88.Two, wood canoe paddles, assorted lengths
89.Wood shelf w/assorted collectables, 36"x13"
90.Wood shelf w/assorted collectable cans
91.Coca Cola metal cooler. Multiple photos for this item.
92.Two, bait signs, assorted sizes
93.Four, assorted vintage coffee pots
94.Four, assorted vintage coffee pots
95.Six, assorted vintage duck decoys
96.Wicker fishing creel & landing net
97.Vintage wood float for a large fishing net
98.Assorted décor
99.Two, wood wall shelves, 36" long
100.Minnow net
101.Metal embossed "Delaware Punch" sign, 27"x8"
102.Metal embossed "Frostie" sign, 20"x10"
103.Metal embossed "Archer Booster Feeds" sign, 36"x12"
104.Texaco, 5 lb. can
105."Eagle Pure White Lead" store cut-out, 35"x42"
106."Nesbitts" paper board sign, 27"x20"
107."Kresco Dip" 32 oz. metal can
108.F&W Mfg. Co., cistern pump
109.Stoneware bean pot
110."Pittsburgh Paints" 1940 calendar
111."Squirt" holiday store cut-out, 12"x21"
112.Stoneware crock, manufactured in Redwing Minnesota, 8"diam(x)8"H
113.Dandy, 2 qt, ice cream freezer
114.Two, rubber duck decoys
115.Extra long boat oar, 9' long
116.Ten, assorted pennants
117.Assorted décor
118.Assorted décor
119.Watermelon lady wood cut-out, 68"x39"
120."Kramer's" metal sign, 3.5"x12"
121.Collapsible landing net, 40" long
122.Assorted décor
123.Automotive related décor
124.Six, assorted oil cans
125.Six, assorted oil cans
126.Six, assorted oil cans
127.Small beer barrel, 14"H, mfg. date 5-66
128."Ace" metal 2 gallon can
129.Assorted décor
130.Assorted beer & soda bottles
131.Twelve, assorted license plates
132.Twelve, assorted license plates
133.Eleven, assorted license plates
134.Elling's Brewing Co., wood beer case
135.Assorted automotive related décor
136.Neptune, outboard motor
137.Champion, outboard motor
138.Outboard motor, mfg. date unknown
139.Montgomery Ward Sea King, outboard motor
140.Assorted décor
141.De Laval, half gallon cream separator oil metal can
142.Assorted picnic décor
143.Assorted picnic décor
144."Oilzwell" 2 gallon metal can
145.Four, assorted hub caps
146.Bottle capper & box of bottle caps
147."Grab A Slab" wood sign, 36"x11.5"
148."Nichol Kola" embossed metal sign, 14"x14.5"
149.Three, assorted framed pictures/prints
150."Let's Cook Outdoors" framed print, 21"x27"
151.Coca Cola, chest pop cooler, NO compressor, 25"x25"x35"H. Multiple photos for this item.
152.Nickle candy machine, 29"x14"x64"H
153.Metal "De Laval" sign, 16"x12"
154.Metal "Pabst Blue Ribbon" sign, 22"x9"
155.Meat cleaver & Taylors bull press
156.Metal ammo can
157.Budweiser light/clock
158.Wood tennis racket
159.Fish house wood stove & galvanized drawer
160.Two, framed prints of outhouse
161.Assorted wall décor
162.Wood crate, 31"x14"x13"H
163.Texas Rendering, 1929 calendar
164.Kerosene lamp & mirror
165.Two, key advertising posters
166.Chevrolet 1969 station wagon, paper board sign, 40"x30"
167.Three 1978 Crevette, paper board signs, 32"x18" each
168.Ten piece porcelain pan & pot set
169.Framed picnic picture, 23"x23"
170.Framed picnic picture, 27"x27"
171.Eight, assorted rods & reels
172.Thirteen, assorted fishing rods
173."Famous Dave's" oval plywood sign, 48"x30"
174."Famous Dave's" oval plywood sign, 48"x30"
175."Food Ta-Go" sign, 48"x12"
176."Ribs & Chicken" wood signs, 32"x7" each
177.Assorted décor
178.Wood, bait sign, 35" long
179.Four, assorted framed pictures
180.Wood, egg crate
181.Two, framed picnic pictures
182.Assorted décor
183.Two, assorted textile art prints
184.Two, assorted textile art prints
185.Two, framed old pictures
186.Welcome, dual sided sign, 26" long
187.Four, assorted coffee pots
188.Assorted picnic décor
189.Six, assorted coffee pots
190.Assorted, grease & oil cans
191.Eight, assorted rods & reels
192.Assorted picnic décor
193."Rhinelander Butter" metal sign, 13"x9"
194.Metal "Trail" sign, 13"x10"
195.Metal "De Laval" sign, 16"x12"
196.Three, assorted signs
197.Northern Brewing Co., "Blue Label Beer", paper board sign, 10"x6"
198.Conoco, charcoal starter & Mobil oil cans
199."Gambles" motor oil, 2 gallon can
200.One gallon can, "Andersons Farm Top Fly Spray" & pump sprayer
201.Customized pedal car
202.Two, wheel scooter
203."Gold Label Beer" metal sign, 28"x20"
204.Schlitz & Pabst, metal trays
205.Assorted picnic décor
206.Pepsi-Cola & Rock Spring, metal trays
207.Plywood pig cut-out, 35"H
208.Thirteen, Leinenkugel's 5 oz. glasses
209.Vintage, Tudor, electric football game. Multiple photos for this item.
210.Vintage, Cadaco Bas-Ket game. Multiple photos for this item.
211.Hamm's BWG 1972, ceramic bear, 11"H
212.Hamm's BWG 1973, ceramic bear, 11"H
213.Hamm's 1995 Collector Series Mug #2307/5000
214."Sinclair", 2 gallon can
215.Assorted automotive décor
216.Eight, assorted oil cans
217.Standard thermometer
218.Two, picnic baskets
219.Assorted automotive related décor
220."Farmers Union" grease & gas can
221.Four, automotive related cans
222."Famous Electric Co.", service station bell, repro
223.Chevrolet car grill
224."Texas Beef Brisket" wood sign
225.Wood "crawlers" sign, 14"x6" & landing net
226.Wood pig sign, "Slo' Smoked Bar-B-Que", 36"x20"
227.Eleven, assorted beer & pop bottles & Coke, 6 pack carrier
228.Cast iron flying pig, 12"long(x)8"H
229.Wood folding ironing board
230.Coca Cola memory box, 21"x18"
231.Five, Coca Cola bears
232.Six, assorted comic books
233.Coca Cola bottle bank & bear cookie jar
234.Two, Coca Cola collectables
235.Assorted Coca Cola collectables
236.Assorted paper collectables
237.Thirteen piece, Wilson golf club set w/bag
238.Framed "Stan The Bar-B-Q Man" poster, 18"x23"
239."Standard Quality Premixes" metal sign, 22"x11"H
240.Metal "Heet" sign, 3.5"x13"H
241."Farmers Co-op Company" thermometer, 13" long
242.Woven blanket, 70"x40"
243.Assorted vintage apparel
244."RB Rice's Lard", 48 lb. can
245.Ceramic pot, 12.5"x10"H
246.Hanging type light fixture, 16" diameter
247.Mac Tools #SD1986, 5 piece plated 24 kt. Screwdriver set, Walnut case & handles
248.Nine, metal pinecone/pine tree wall cut-out wall sconces
249.Costa Rica bean bag & framed coffee poster, 13"x17"
250.Two, oil bottles & 3 spouts
251."Spur" metal sign, 26"x22"
252.Four, framed black & white pictures
253.Four, assorted framed pictures
254."Dad's Root Beer" embossed metal sign, 27"x19"
255."Parking" metal sign, 18"x12"
256."Master maintenance" metal sign, 17"x10"
257.Vintage canvas back pack
258.Bar-B-Cutie, small charcoal grill, canteen & camp stool
259.Three, assorted tins
260.Four, assorted framed pictures
261."Grab A Slab" wood sign, 36"x11.5"
262.Four, framed Bar-B-Que pictures
263.Four, framed Bar-B-Que picnic/pictures
264.Five, assorted metal farm implement seats
265.Assorted picnic décor
266.Fishing creel & landing net
267.Fishing creel & landing net
268.Fishing creel & landing net
269.Vintage Pepsi crate
270."Grab A Load" wood sign, 40"x18"
271.Stackable aluminum camping kit. Multiple photos for this item.
272.Custom ice fishing pole, 32" long
273.Wood shelving w/contents, 50"x10"x34"H
274.Fel-Pro, water outlet gasket board, 20"x36"
275.Four, assorted hub caps
276.Assorted automotive related décor
277.Four, assorted framed décor
278.Nine, assorted framed picture of BBQ restaurants
279.Three, assorted picnic baskets
280.Three, assorted picnic baskets
281.Pabst & Old Style, beer trays
282."Famous Dave's" heavy gauge metal cut-out, 24" diameter
283."Famous Dave's" heavy gauge metal cut-out, 24" diameter
284.Framed "Purina" poster, 16"x23", repro
285.Vintage wood 6' step ladder
286.Ken Zylla "Country Auction" signed, #579/9600 framed & matted, 39"x27"
287.Heineken, mirror beer sign, 19.5"x23"
288.Two, collectable balls
289.Framed Coca Cola "Picnic Partners", 19"x29"
290."Annie's Rod & Reel" sign, 28"x9", repro
291."Dunk's" fishing tackle sign, 20"x9.5"
292."Bud's Tackle Shop" sign, 22"x6", repro
293.Five, assorted vintage books
294.Vintage wood, folding washtub stand
295.Florence Rotary, vintage sewing machine w/many attachments
296.Brass service bell
297.Robert Lui, original canvas painting, 47"x37". Multiple photos for this item.
298."Wading" minnow bucket w/shoulder strap
299.Hawthorne, metal minnow bucket
300.Mac's Bait, metal minnow bucket
301."Neon Flames" 69"x13", 120 volts
302."Neon Flames" 69"x13", 120 volts, NOTE: Red flames will not stay lit
303."Ribalicious" neon light/sign, 42"x9"
304."Eat Like A Pig" neon light/sing, 51"x8"
305.Two neon lights, "Get Sauced" & "Order Here", NOTE: Both do Not work
306."Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que" wood sign, 15'x37"H
307."Nichol Kola" metal sign 20"x21"
308.Four, assorted framed fishing pictures, assorted sizes
309.Four, assorted framed advertising pictures, assorted sizes
310."Esslinger's Lager Beer" framed advertising, 13"x13"
311."Bear Brake Service" embossed metal sign, 16"x16"
312.Framed metal "Tackle" sign, 24"x13", repro
313.Three, decorative paddles, 47" long
314.Two, decorative paddles, (1)36" & (1)30" long
315.Two, framed beer advertising
316.Two, framed sparkler boxes
317.Framed "Perry's" advertising, 20"x14"
318.Dual side "Used Tire Sale" metal sign, 17'x24"
319.Fiberglass, 16' canoe. Multiple photos for this item.
320.Ford, hydraulic oil, 5 gallon can
321.Four, fillet boards
322.Three, ice augers
323.Two, washtubs w/caster mounted stand
324.Coleman, Catalytic heater
325.Coleman, Catalytic heater
326.Four, deer skulls
327."Grab-A-Slab" wood sign, 36"x12"
328.Falls City, metal minnow bucket
329.Min-O-Life, metal minnow bucket
330.Assorted collectable cans & more
331.Twig's, dairy wood case
332.Three, assorted metal tackle boxes
333.Two, wood Snow Skies, 64" long
334.Three, assorted ski poles
335.Three, assorted ski poles
336.Three, framed automobile advertisements
337."Farm Bureau Co-op" sign, 21"x16"
338.Two, Famous Dave's sign boards
339.Metal flying pig, 21"x29"H
340.Metal pig, 13"x11"H
341.Hanging boat prop for décor
342.Three, larger-assorted brass boat props décor
343.Eleven, fishing rods, (6)w/reels
344.Two, wood skis, 83" long
345."Tire & Battery Service", dual side sign, 44"x7"
346.Two, assorted metal minnow buckets
347.Four, assorted metal minnow buckets
348.Fourteen, assorted pop & beer bottle
349.Four, state fair/circus related framed pictures, assorted sizes
350.Four, assorted framed prints, assorted sizes
351.Nutting, six wheel cart. Multiple photos for this item.
352.Hardwood bench w/ornate ends, 5'x20"x16.5"H
353.Two, framed car related pictures, assorted sizes
354.Four, picnic related framed pictures, assorted sizes
355.Two, assorted framed beer prints
356.Two, assorted framed beer prints
357."Miller High Life" beer light
358.Deluxe pedal car
359."Miller Lite" hanging light fixture
360.Two, beer trays
361."Hamm's Beer" trays
362.Desk lamp, 24"H
363.Bottle capper & box of bottle caps
364.Western Stoneware Co., jug & framed cowboy print
365.Child's school chair
366.Borden's milk box & metal picnic basket
367.Schlitz clock, 9" diameter
368.Porcelain coffee pot T bed pan
369.Two, assorted light fixtures
370.Hamm's beer light
371.Smirnoff pillow, 32" long
372.Michelob light & Special Export
373.Old Style clock, missing minute hand
374.Assorted old tools
375.Beaver Creek dairy box
376.Campbell Soups wood box
377.Lyric Junior, 45 record holder
378.Five, framed, dogs playing cards prints
379.Oak card file, 13.5"x14"x5"H
380.Victor Kardex, flat file, 11"x19"x4.5'H
381.Assorted automotive related décor
382.Oscar Mayer, 50 lb. Pure Lard tin
383.Assorted décor
384.Heavy base swivel stool, 22"H
385.Two, assorted wood barrels
386.Rolling pin & egg beater
387.Assorted military canvas bags
388."Ranco Del Cerro Perdido" wood sign, 39"x9"
389.End table, 21"x13"x24"H
390.Washtub & suitcase, used for décor
391.Thirteen, assorted old books
392.Assorted pop bottles & beer cans
393.Glass front shelves w/fishing related contents, 22"x7"x30"H
394.Wall shelf w/assorted kitchen collectables, 27"x7"x29"H
395.Wall shelf w/assorted kitchen collectables, 26"x8"x40"H
396.Wall shelf w/assorted kitchen collectables, 45"x10"x28"H
397.Wall shelf w/assorted kitchen collectables, 30"x10"x31"H
398.Cupboard w/assorted fishing memorabilia, 32"x9"x31"H
399.Cupboard w/assorted fishing memorabilia, 43"x5"x30"H
400.Cupboard w/assorted memorabilia, 26"x8"x37"H
401.Cupboard w/assorted memorabilia, 36"x8"x32"H
402.Willow branch & barn wood wall shelf
403.Wooden Northern
404.Blatz ceramic statute(was glued) & empty Blatz case
405."Ju-Cy Pig Barbecued" metal sign, 59"x35", repro
406."Live Bait" paddle, 30" long
407.Porcelain Texaco, rest room sign, 9"x12"
408."Tungsten" ignition parts, 19.5"x9"
409.Nine, assorted oil cans, repros
410.Assorted décor
411.Two, framed magazine covers
412.Famous Dave's wood sign, 65"x24"
413.Assorted décor, all repros
414.Assorted automotive related collectables
415.Assorted automotive related collectables
416.Assorted picnic décor
417.Four, assorted porcelain coffee pots
418.Five, assorted coffee pots
419.Walking stick & 2 canes
420.Two, automotive framed advertising
421.Framed "Champion" advertising, 18"x23"
422."Blue Line" metal sign, 22"x9"
423.Tri Associates Inc., animal food can
424.Assorted décor
425.Falls City, metal minnow bucket
426.assorted décor
427."Vesta" sign, 17"x8"
428.Barn wood wall shelf, 48"x7"
429.Assorted picnic décor
430.Three, assorted beer trays
431.Old cork life jacket & boat ladder
432.Framed coffee poster, 18"x26"
433.Clothes wash décor
434.Two man, ice carrier
435.Six, assorted framed pictures & advertising
436.Framed "Johnson Outboard Motor" advertising, 12.5"x16"
437.Framed "Cer-Ola" advertising, 14"x20"
438.Three, assorted framed pictures/prints
439.Assorted pop crates & bottles
440."Do Not Clean With Gasoline" metal sign, 24"x6"
441.Pig bell, cast aluminum
442.Old Pal, metal minnow bucket
443.Grover Products Co., air horn, 24" long
444.Assorted décor
445.Assorted décor
446.Assorted hunting & camping décor
447.Assorted fishing décor
448.Six, assorted hub caps
449.Six, assorted hub caps
450.Six, assorted hub caps
451.Watling Scale Co., weight & fortune scale, 49"H
452.Instep pedal car, fie & rescue truck, (NEW in box). Multiple photos for this item.
453.American Brakeblock, fan belt hanger, 34"x7"
454.Seven, assorted oil cans
455.Teck-2-Way, tub/tire patch station
456.Tire stand
457.Assorted oil, grease & auto wax tins
458.A-Perm, motor oil 2 gallon can
459.Three-oil & one-gas cans
460.Six, assorted state fair framed photos
461.Four, assorted framed décor
462.Two, large oil cans, (1)5 qt. & (1)gallon
463.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
464.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
465.Twelve, assorted license plates
466.Twelve, assorted license plates
467.Framed picnic picture, 24"x20"
468.Famous Dave's sign, 35"x23"
469."Supersweet Feeds" metal sign, 28"x10"
470."Jacques Seed" metal sign, 24"x24"
471.Assorted automotive décor
472.Twelve, assorted framed state fair pictures, assorted sizes
473."Standard Permalube" canvas banner, 80"x33"
474.Sectional "Famous Dave's Heavenly Bar-B-Que" wood sign, 8'x5'
475.Champion, outboard motor "Blue Ribbon"
476.Champion, outboard motor "Blue Ribbon"
477.Assorted elk & deer antlers
478.Copper boiler
479.Two backpacks
480.Two, pig metal scrolling
481.Two, pig metal scrolling
482.Laminate bear poster. Multiple photos for this item.
483."Golden Guernsey" poster, 14"x21"
484."Buy A Load-Hit The Road!" sign, 36"x16"
485.Two, wood wall shelves, assorted sizes
486."Master maintenance" metal sign, 17"x10"
487."John Deere" metal sign, 16"x11", repro
488."Dekalb" sign board, 31"x16"
489."STP" dual side metal sign, 15"x11"
490."Aunt Sue's Dry Cleaner" gallon can
491.Assorted décor
492.Framed Bar-B-Que picture, 27"x27"
493.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
494.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
495.Home made frog box
496.Six, assorted framed wall décor
497.Two, framed car advertisements
498.Four, assorted framed wall décor
499.Flying A Veedol, 5 gallon grease can
500.Hot Tot, charcoal cooker
501."Coca-Cola" metal sign, 35"x11.5"
502."Nesbitt's" embossed metal sign, 28"x12"
503."Gold Dust" metal sign, 12"x13.5"
504.Assorted automotive related collectables
505."Unique Motor Oil" 2.5 gallon can
506."Hog Heaven" sign board, 42"x33"
507.Assorted décor
508.Three, assorted food tins
509.Assorted décor
510."Trout Fishing" & "Boat Landing" signs, repro
511."cabins" wood sign, 33"x12"
512.Assorted kitchen décor
513."Calumet Baking Powder" paper board sign w/adjustable butter & eggs price
514.Northwestern Beverage Co., wood case
515."Ma's Southern Home Cooking" wood sign, 95"x24"
516."Famous Dave's Real Pit Bar-B-Que" wood sign, 15'x38"
517."People's Choice America's #1 BBQ" wood sign, 89"x24"
518."Dang Good Ribs" sign, 36"x24"
519.Assorted décor
520.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
521.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
522.Assorted décor
523.Metal "Guide" sign, 24" long
524."Squirt" paper board sign, 6"x13"
525."Drink 76" metal sign, 24"x12'
526."Crescent Beverage" embossed metal sign, 19"x13"
527.Five, assorted framed wall décor
528.Famous Dave's metal cut-out, 16" diameter
529.Famous Dave's metal cut-out, 16" diameter
530.Five, assorted car related framed pictures, assorted sizes
531.Assorted porcelain wares
532."Keeper Walleye" wood sign, 21"x18", repro
533.Assorted décor
534.Homemade Oak storage box, 25"x9"x7"H. Multiple photos for this item.
535.Framed "Senate Beer" advertisement, 30"x13"
536.Coca Cola, framed advertisement, 20"x30"
537."Buy Beverages Here" canvas banner, 34"x15"
538.Five, assorted framed wall décor
539.Five, assorted collectable tins
540.Stahl's Penn Motor Oil, 5 gallon can
541.Five, assorted collectable tins
542.Vintage vegetable slicer
543.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
544."Grab A Load..Hit The Road!" wood sign, 40"x18"
545.Assorted picnic décor
546.Two, Anit-Freez one gallon cans
547.Whiz, Shock Absorber Fluid, 1 gallon can
548.One-wood ski & 2-cane ski poles
549.Two, canoe paddles, 5' long
550.Assorted décor
551.Two, oars, 92" long
552."Nichol Kola" metal sign, 8"x24"
553."Clabber Girl" dual side metal sign 34"x12"
554."Hardwood Charcoal" metal sign, 18"x13", repro
555."Asgrow Seed" metal sign, 16"x20"
556."Hires Root Beer" embossed metal sign, 8"x35"
557."Gehl" metal sign, 20"x13"
558."Black Kow" metal sign, 16"x24", repro
559.Four, assorted Bar-B-Que, framed pictures, assorted sizes
560.Four, assorted collectable tins
561.Two, fishing statures
562.Hormel 25 lb. lard tin & Crisco 50 lb. shortening tin
563.Assorted kitchen collectables, used for décor
564.Eight, assorted collectable cans
565.Two, collectable automotive related tins
566.Aunt Sue's Dry Cleaner, 1 gallon can
567.Assorted beer & pop bottles
568.Assorted décor
569.Assorted banners. Multiple photos for this item.
570."World's Greatest Ribs!" blue ribbon sign, 23"x31"
571."I Brake for Dave's BBQ", 42"x42"
572.Two, fruit crates
573.Assorted kitchen décor
574.Assorted collectable cans
575.Two, collectable wood crates
576.Two, wood apple crates
577.Vintage, wood folding ironing board
578.Five, assorted porcelain coffee pots
579.Five, assorted coffee pots
580."Yoerg's beer" embossed metal sign, 20"x13"
581."Triple 16 Cola" embossed metal sign, 11.5"x31"
582.Framed "Fishing" by Herbert Hoover, 17"x23"
583.Framed "Hamm's" advertisement, 13"x27"
584.Assorted framed wall décor
585.Budweiser, framed advertisement, 18"x23"
586.Two, framed pictures, assorted sizes
587."Dekalb Chix III" framed advertisement, 20"x26"
588."Dekalb Chix I04" framed advertisement, 20"x26"
589.Barn wood wall shelf w/assorted collectables & some repros
590.Assorted décor
591.Wood keg, fruit jars filled w/old bottle caps & flags
592."Trojan" metal sign, 27"x13"
593.Fish spear, 56" long
594.Assorted décor
595.Six, assorted framed wall décor, assorted sizes
596.Pepsi-Cola, thermometer, non-functional, repro
597.Old Pal, metal minnow bucket w/shoulder strap
598.Three, assorted canoe paddles
599.Assorted décor
600."Whistle" metal sign, 7"x26", repro
601."Berg" metal sign, 12"x16"
602."Dekalb" sign board, 31"x16"
603."American Seeds" metal sign, 19"x24"
604.Six, assorted hub caps
605.Six, assorted hub caps
606.Six, assorted hub caps
607.Seven, assorted hub caps
608.Seven, assorted hub caps
609."Howel's Root Beer" metal sign, 35"x17"
610."Our Bait" sign board, 18"x24"
611.Three, assorted framed advertising
612.Four, assorted framed car pictures
613.Picnic basket w/assorted décor
614.Assorted décor
615.Croquet set
616.Wood shelf w/assorted décor, 38"x7"
617.Two, golf bags w/14 assorted clubs
618.Feather Brand Canoe paddle, 71" long
619.Ace, one gallon oil can
620.Wall shelf & assorted décor
621.Two, boat oars, 59" long
622.Assorted décor
623.Three, assorted landing nets
624.Wooden leg, 22"H
625."Black Kow" metal sign, 16"x24", repro
626."Crescent" embossed metal sign, 19"x13"
627.Assorted automotive related décor
628.Assorted automotive related décor, oil cans are repro
629.Coca Cola, embossed thermometer sign, 29"H, repro
630."Part-T-Pak" metal sign, 33"x12"
631."Purina Calf Chow" embossed metal sign, 20"x9"
632."Nutrena" metal sign, 36"x16"
633."Dave's Service Station" wood sign, 72"x33"
634."Famous BBQ, Burgers-Beer" wood sign, 72"x24"
635."It's Bar-B-Que Time!", 42"x46"H
636.Four, assorted boat oars. Multiple photos for this item.
637.Three, hanging light fixtures, 17" diameter
638.Two, Colman stoves
639.Three "Our America Producing Lumber" posters, 36"x24"
640.Five, assorted framed wall décor
641.Three, assorted wall décor
642.Three, assorted wall décor
643.Commercial grade light string, green & white bulbs
644.Seven, assorted fishing poles & 2 reels
645."Northwestern Railway" sign board, 13"x23", repro
646.Assorted Coca Cola collectables
647.Four, assorted pop crates
648.Budweiser, millennium set
649.Coors, wall clock, 14"x14"
650."Keeper Walleye" wood sign, 21"x19"
651."Triple AAA Root Beer" embossed metal sign, 12"x45"H
652."Viking Feed Balancers" embossed metal sign, 18"x12"
653."Hastings Sporting Goods Company" sign board, 37"x9", repro
654."Hastings Sporting Goods Company" sign board, 37"x9", repro
655."7UP" sign board, 45"H, repro
656.Old oar & V-belt hanger
657."Tourists" wood sign, 29"x9"
658.Wood game board, 29"x29"
659."Cherrioats" framed advertisement, 12"x15"
660.Giant Bar-B-Que grill poster, 7'x57"
661.Giant Bar-B-Que grill poster, 7'x57"
662.Two, assorted posters
663.Two, assorted posters
664."Vesta Battery Service" embossed metal sign, 17"x11"
665."Vesta Battery Service" sign board, 17"x8"
666."Bowes Seal Test" metal sign, 16" diameter
667."Pepsi-Cola" porcelain sign, 16"x6", repro
668."Blue Line" metal sign, 22"x9"
669."Blue Line" metal sign, 22"x9"
670."Nichola Kola" embossed sign, 24"x8"
671."Flaxville Meat Market" embossed metal sign, 30"x9"
672.Metal "Bait" sign & "Make No Wake" sign board, repros
673."Clabber Girl" metal sign 34"x12"
674.Eleven, sheet of corrugated tin, assorted lengths
675.Three, assorted tapper handles
676.Three, assorted tapper handles
677.Shock-Top, tapper handle
678.Two, metal beer signs
679.Johnson outboard motor, has compression
680.Champion outboard motor
681.Johnson 3 hp, outboard motor w/stand, has compression
682.Nine, assorted hubcaps
683.Miller, Mod #1000, air compressor, 115 volts
684.Prestone, anti-freeze, one gallon can
685.Two, Corvette hubcaps
686.Graco, bearing packer, torch head & heater
687.Two, electric trolling motors
688.Ice tongs
689.Villa, french fry potato cutter
690.Assorted boxes & tins
691.Johnson live box, 16"x11"x12"H
692.Assorted fishing items
693.Wood crate, hinged top, 23"x16"x11"H
694.Swiv-Eze, Transom Saver
695.Nineteen, spring clamps
696.Beacon Ballfields, ball diamond striper
697.Baseball pitching machine, 120 volts
698.Milwaukee #0-2400, sawzall, 120 volts, 4.0 amps
699.Hardwood bench, 71" long
700.Hardwood bench, 71" long
701.Hardwood bench, 71" long
702.Hardwood bench, 71" long
703.Hardwood bench, 71" long
704.Hardwood bench, 71" long
705.Hardwood bench, 71" long
706.Hardwood bench, 71" long
707.Hardwood bench, 71" long
708.Eight wood cases of assorted pop bottles
709.Chrome car bumper
710.Wood wall shelf, 48"x6" w/décor
711.Wood wall shelf, 48"x7"
712.Wood wall shelf, 36"x6"
713.Primitive wood trunk, 36"x19"x19"H, locked shut
714.Les Kouba "The J.R. Cummins Homestead", signed artist proof 80/100
715.Authentic ship's wheel/helm, 48" diameter
716.Original canvas painting of Mt. Rushmore, 24"x18"
717.Original painting of Mt. Rushmore, 24"x17"
718.Original canvas painting, 30"x40"
719.Original canvas painting, 24"x30"
720.Four, assorted baskets
721."Morton Salt" porcelain metal sign, 8"x12"
722."Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum" wood trunk, 23"x12"x14"H. Multiple photos for this item.
723.Canvas painting, 12"x15"
724.Norman Rockwell & Bill Keane collector plates
725.License plates, wood boxes & scare crows
726.R. Denton "Summer Jewel" un signed prints, 12"x9", qty. 130
727.Four, Norman Rockwell prints
728.Jeanne Bonnie "Moonlight Surrender" signed & numbered prints, 20"x38", qty. 13
729.Jeanne Bonnie "Always and Forever" & "Goddess of Miracles" signed & numbered prints, qty. 1 each. Multiple photos for this item.
730.Three, assorted Jerry Gadamus prints. Multiple photos for this item.
731.Three, assorted Jeanne Bonnie prints, signed & numbered. Multiple photos for this item.
732.Two, assorted Jeanne Bonnie prints, signed & numbered. Multiple photos for this item.
733.Two, assorted Jeanne Bonnie prints, signed & numbered. Multiple photos for this item.
734.Three, assorted Jeanne Bonnie prints, signed & numbered. Multiple photos for this item.
735.Two, assorted Jeanne Bonnie prints, signed & numbered. Multiple photos for this item.
736.Two, assorted prints. Multiple photos for this item.
737.Three, assorted Walt Disney prints. Multiple photos for this item.
738.Four, assorted prints. Multiple photos for this item.
739.Framed cat print, 24"x20"
740.Canvas print, 23"x23"
741.Three, U-Line tape dispensers
742.Char-Broil, 22" bar burner